A New Kind Of Indoor Play Place

This post is really a plug for ‘Kataach’ – a new kind of indoor play place, where, instead of sending your kids off to play alone, coming back sweaty, exhausted, and in high prospect of having a tantrum when the words “we have to leave now” are mentioned – this is a calm, clean place, where parents are encouraged to play with their children, rather than go off to a cafe’ and leave them.

Recently started up, and a family business, this play place offers masses to do! Role play areas with small cars, train tracks, dressing up, dolls and prams, and a kitchen, plus lots of play houses. Building areas with giant lego blocks, soft blocks, and obstacle courses you can rearrange yourself. Physical areas where you can climb and slide, throw balls, and play bandy (indoor land hockey), table football, ping pong or air hockey. Calm areas where you can read or play a board game – and of course, a cafe´- but away from the play area!

Best of all, however, is the wonderful, interactive, electric car ‘city’ – where adults can also drive with their kids! Here there are buildings to enter, petrol pumps to use, working traffic lights to take note of, and lamps which turn on when day becomes ‘night’.

What a fantastic place!

These are just SOME of the areas that Alfie (oh, and Richard..) liked best…

Actually, let’s be honest – those tantrums might happen! 🙂


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