Fun With ‘The Snowy Day’

The Snowy day’ by Ezra Jack Keats is such a lovely book. A simple story for the under 5’s about a little boy and his adventures in the snow.

The pictures are also simple, but special, with a homemade arty effect and lots of strong colours. My favourite pictures are just inside the front and back covers, where pale coloured snowflakes have a potato print effect.

We went over to see my friend and her preschool group, and after a morning of playing outside in the snow, I thought this would be a good book to read with them. We then tried to replicate the snowflake picture in the book by using potato prints…

This book has a wealth of activities!

Why not bring in some snow from outside and watch it melt?

Or make a snowflake mobile?

Perhaps make an angel in the snow?

Maybe make a snow sculpture or do some snow painting……

Yes, indeed, a wealth of ideas!


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