Writing In The Sand

Alfie specifically asked to play with the coloured sand, remembering when we made Rangoli patterns. As he is very interested by number and letter shapes, I thought we could try with a ‘mark making’ activity.

He loved pouring out the bright colours in to a tray (our faithful CLEAN cat litter tray!) on which I had previously taped white paper, and ‘writing’ in it with his finger…

Then we added some ‘tools’ – a lollipop stick, a fork, a scoop, a spoon, a paintbrush, and a straw…

He loved making ‘tracks’, but ultimately the straw got the best use, and was used to blow the sand gently in to different shapes and patterns.  Eventually however, the colours in the sand mixed, much to Alfie’s disappointment, but this just led to another activity….

A bucket, some tiny pots (actually they were plastic snapps glasses!), some glass jars, different sized funnels and a scoop.


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