Sensory Fishy Fun

Lately Alfie has really been in to fish.

After a trip to the aquarium

… he has really been inspired – even to the point of ‘swimming’ round the aquarium cafe´and insisting he was a stripy Alfie fish!

We took a trip to the pet shop and had a look at the fish there, and while we were there we also bought a small plastic fish tank…

…. which has been great fun with blue tinted water and lots of water creatures (and some not so suited for water!). Plopping the creatures in, sorting the water creatures from the land creatures, sorting the ones who sink and the ones who float, and masses of role play has ensued.

We also bought a couple of plastic aquarium plants, and some blue coloured aquarium gravel…

… which has been immensely popular for role play!

A trip to the fishmonger…

where we bought a fish for dinner…

… and he was able to look closely at the fish and learn about how he breathes, about fins and scales, how his tail works, and whether he has teeth or not. He was also able to smell and touch the fish, and later to taste it.

These activities were all super popular – and still continue to be!


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