In The Arctic

Alfie just LOVES animals – of any kind – so we decided to take him to the Natural History Museum and check out the polar animals exhibit.

He may only be three years old, but he just loves to see the animals and continuously asks questions about them – and then comes home to ‘play it out’….

Polar bears and seals…

Penguins, walruses and sea lions…

And don’t forget the whales!

We also added some small fish for the animals to catch and eat, but Alfie was most concerned when the polar bears thought the seals might make a good dinner – and suggested adding some butterflies and insects to the scene for their dinner instead…

Of course this play couldn’t go without some sensory stimulation!

I filled a balloon with water, and a touch of blue food colouring, and put it in the freezer to freeze…

Peel off the balloon when frozen…

The penguins desperately tried to peck the ice out of the bowl…

But in the end we needed the help of a drop of warm water…

And even a hammer and chisel…

Until our glaciers were ready to play..

Would they float?

I had prepared some more ice blocks in the freezer, with some of our smaller animals ‘trapped’ inside, thinking it would be fun to dig them out archaeologist style – but the melting of the ‘glacier’ was so interesting that I took them out immediately…

Who”s trapped inside?

“They don’t like it in there!” he says anxiously trying to pull them out..

“How about if I hold it under the water?”

“I think it needs more  warm water…”


He loved his ‘ice burgers’!

And don’t forget to watch ‘The Little Polar Bear’ to enhance the play!


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