Heart Fun With Little Ones

In our house, Valentines Day has always been known as “I love you heart shape day”, named by Leon when he was just 2 1/2 years old. It was the first Valentines Day we celebrated with Leon, and I remember that time well – at 8 months pregnant with Maya, living in London, Leon and I took the bus on our search for’ ‘red things’ as gifts. I remember his enthusiasm for this ‘activity’, pointing out the heart shapes and red items in the shop windows – and filling the days before with pink, red and white painting and collage.

Those celebrations are so special with little ones – their enthusiasm for such days and activities is infectious – and I want to give Alfie the same memories of these times as I gave to Leon and Maya when they were little…

Activity 1

Red, pink and purple play dough in different shades of colour…

IMG 3941

Heart shaped cookie cutters of different sizes…

IMG 3943

IMG 3945

Pink mini cupcake papers and pink and red straw ‘candles’…

IMG 3944

Activity 2

An empty heart shaped chocolate box, filled with cut out paper heart shapes…

IMG 3953

An assortment of different heart shaped beads…

IMG 3954

Sort them by colour or material, count them, or just see what your child comes up with…

IMG 3956

Activity 3

Fill a tub with rice and heart shaped sequins…

IMG 3959

Perhaps dye some rice red and purple with food colouring..

IMG 3966

Add a see through bottle and a funnel…

IMG 3960

And don’t forget the pots for collecting…

IMG 3965

Have fun with your little ones on Valentines Day!


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