Hanging Out At Crocodile Rock!

It’s been in the minus 20s here, and we’ve got friends from England to stay – so I thought it best we got them bundled up in thermals, and outside to experience that Arctic cold!

We headed down to our local lake…

No, it doesn’t look much like a lake right now. With snow a metre thick on top of the ice.

Maya sits and muses the situation…

All that snow makes for difficult walking.

And suddenly the kids had other ideas, and ran – yes, RAN – to ‘crocodile rock’…

‘Crocodile rock’ is literally just that. A rock in the shape of a crocodile’s head.

Can you see?

If you look closely, you can see someone has painted an eye on the croc – and even some teeth, to the bottom left..

Yep – that’s Maya – on top of the eye…

And there’s Leon…


And ultimately the rock becomes a ‘slide’…

And a place to hang out!


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