Raising Creative Children

‘Life’ has taken over, and it’s prevented me from writing in the last week.

“Life?” you ask.

Yes, you know, shopping trips, birthday parties to attend, friends to visit. But most of all…. creativity.

Sometimes my kids have this knack of just creating. Doing their own thing. Having their own ideas.

Like making a wooden television for role play (Leon’s present to Alfie)..

Or making a sit-on car from boxes (Maya’s present to Alfie)…

Or perhaps a dolls house from paper by Maya…

Leon helped Alfie to create a flower from wood pieces and glue…

And Richard helped Alfie to make a ‘city’ from wood pieces and glue, sprayed black…

Our house is often filled with ‘busy bees’ bumbling about, making things and playing quietly, always coming up with something new.  People often comment on this, and only yesterday evening an adult friend commented on the harmony within our house.

How does this happen?

Well, in the dining room we have a dresser.

‘Organized chaos’ I call it.

Paper, tape, hole punches and staplers, stickers, pens and pencils, crayons and paints, string, wool and tissue paper.

All freely available for the children to use…

And then down in the ‘cellar’ we have a child sized woodwork table and tools, wood glue, wood pieces, cardboard and boxes.

Again, available for the children to use…

Offering tools and ideas, and encouraging independence and the confidence to try things, definitely  encourages creativity.

(Of course, our home isn’t ALWAYS filled with harmony!) 🙂


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