Meet My Kids!

It seems I’ve unexpectedly taken a ‘blogiday’!

I’m not sure how it happened. Friends to stay? Half term? Having four children? Or perhaps just a need to step back and be thankful?

Lately I’ve been taking time to admire my lovely children….

Let’s see how they are…


Leon is 9. He’s camera shy. And he’s the ‘intellectual’ one.

Who else would teach themselves to play chess to a really high level at the age of 6?

Or indeed teach himself to play the piano by ear?

He’s also very passionate (some would say obsessive :)!), and once he’s interested, he’s hooked!

He has a passion for mazes, and has done for a few years – not just solving them, but drawing his own…

And his motto must be “never a mission too hard”, because he loves to set himself projects, and they’re often VERY tricky!

Right now he’s trying to solve a 1000 piece puzzle…

Did I mention that he’s a collector?

Buttons, key rings, bottle caps, Go-gos and most of all, stones.

Check out his stone collection here.

And he is also VERY kind and VERY thoughtful.

So much in fact, that he won the school ‘nobel peace prize’.


Now, let’s meet…..


Maya is almost 7.

Fun, positive, energetic and ever so slightly eccentric – those would be my words to describe Maya.

She loves role playing with dolls and figures…

Her ultimate favourite doll being ‘Brown Baby‘, recently renamed as ‘Bella’.

But absolutely “NO” Barbies for her (she says)!

She also loves to dress up and take on different characters…

Ahhh yes. FULL of energy!

Climbing, trekking, dancing, somersaulting. She’ll be doing it.

But most of all horse riding.

She has loved horses for some years now, and last year her dream came true when we found a horse riding club with no queue which accepted younger children.

And did I mention she is creative?

Possibly the most creative person I know – just check out her projects here and here and here and here.

You never know what to expect next…!


Now. Let’s move on to…


Alfie.   3 years old.

“Expressive” is the way to put it.

When he’s angry, you run, when he’s happy you laugh.

Passionate, energetic, clever, and with a smile that could melt a glacier!

(And the one who still likes to think of himself as mama’s baby! :))

Alfie LOVES role play – LOVES  it!

ANYTHING can be turned in to a ‘character’ – even down to heart shaped sequins!!!

But mostly cars, aeroplanes, animals and most of all, trains.

He absolutely ADORES his older brother.

And not unlike his older brother, he gets ‘passionate’ about specific things, and not unlike his older brother he is also mathematical.

He loves numbers and can already count and recognise them…

… so much that his numbers even take on characters!

At just three he is the ‘bumble bee’ of the family! 🙂


And now, last but not least…


Ahhhh. Ted.

Not even 4 months old and already bringing so much joy.

So little. So curious. So happy.

Ted is the perfect fourth baby – calm and contented.

And he just LOVES people…

…of any shape…

… or form…

So there you have it – my four wonderful children.

I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting them.

I certainly have ! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Meet My Kids!

  1. I just love your children Sasha. I hope we get to see them some time soon!!

    And Little Ted is just to die for. My what a sweet sweet boy!

  2. I have enjoyed sharing lots of their adventures but this post is fabulous.

    You have an absolutely beautiful family. And I look forward to many happy future adventures. Thank you so much for all you share.

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