The ‘Yarn’ Project

It’s called ‘wool’ in England, ‘Ull’ in Sweden, and in the US it’s called ‘yarn’. I just love that word! And I love the fact that despite having been born in England, and having moved away from the US over 3 years ago, my oldest son still calls it ‘yarn’. Obviously he loves the word too…

So Maya used ‘yarn’ to design a beautiful picture…

She worked REALLY hard!

Having drawn the design first, she carefully placed glue and then yarn over the design. It took such a long time that I had to help her on one side – but this just made it an even nicer collaborative project! πŸ™‚



6 thoughts on “The ‘Yarn’ Project

  1. Aw, it’s pretty! What a clever idea.
    D’you know, I didn’t even realize I am supposed to call it wool… The Man, as English as one can be, calls it yarn, and you are right, for some reason it’s a loveable little word! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarn…
    Germans call it either “Wolle” (even though that should be reserved for the natural stuff only) or “Garn”, which covers artificial fibers (fibres? darn!) as well. Very close, isn’t it?

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