It’s ‘Barbapapa’ Week!

A few days ago Maya decided it was to be ‘Barbapapa week’. ‘Barbapapas‘ are a kindly coloured species who are able to change shape. The books are originally French, written in the early 70s, but have been translated in to many different languages. They’re wonderful stories, most with an underlying environmental message – such as ‘Barbapapa and the ark’ where they build an ark shaped rocket and fly off to a greener planet to save all the animals on earth, or ‘Barbapapa’s new home’ where they’re chased out of their old victorian style house by the ‘wrecking machines’ and offered a new modern style flat by developers…. but the Barbapapa’s are just not happy there….

So we read a basket of ‘Barbapapa’ books…

…we made some ‘Barbapapa’ necklaces…

…we coloured some ‘Barbarpapa’ pictures…

(Yes I know ‘colouring in’ is frowned upon and not very creative, but Maya and Alfie DID love this, and these print outs are very sweet..)

So this led us to making….

… a ‘Barbapapa’ …



(Instructions and the idea came from here)

And once dry, we were able to play….




2 thoughts on “It’s ‘Barbapapa’ Week!

  1. How absolutely WONDERFUL! Wish we could come and play with you! Our barbapapa house is now in the loft for safe keeping but the dolls we made still get played with most days, and last week we got a new barbapapa book – Barbapapa op mars (on Mars). Long live barbapapas!

    • Absolutely! Like yourself – I also remember Barbapapa from when I was a child! LOVE your blog by the way! 🙂

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