In Anticipation Of Spring

Maya is the ultimate outdoors girl – whatever the weather. And she loves flowers. LOVES them.

The Spring IS arriving here. But slowly. Very slowly.

But it doesn’t stop Maya….

Taking out her jar of seeds she’s collected all year round…

Writing a label..

Planting the seed in her favourite home painted flower pot…

She unearths last years garden fairy…

‘Renovates’ her weather worn eyes…

And admires the shoots coming through…

While inside more seedlings are growing…

And cress is ready to eat…

‘Happy Spring’ everyone! 🙂


4 thoughts on “In Anticipation Of Spring

  1. What an adorable post. You made my heart happy as i was reading it.

    Tell Maya, if she ever gets tired of that hat – send it to me!

    Now that I know she loves seeds, i will try to send her some from our garden next fall!

    • She would just love that! She’s actually trying to grow an orange tree inside – so far, so good – but I haven’t the heart to tell her it may not survive the Swedish spring/summer/autumn!

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