A Magical Kind Of Art

A little glue, a little salt and a little food colouring.

What do you get?

A kind of crystal-y 3D magical type of art! 🙂

Use a squeezy glue bottle to draw a picture.

Sprinkle salt over the glue.

Then use a pipette to drop watered down food colouring on to the salt lines.

The salt absorbs the water and the colour travels around the salt lines!

(Bear in mind that the squeezing of the pipettes was just SO fun for this 3 year old so he perhaps went a little overboard on the colour!) 🙂

But what fun we had!

When dry the pictures are most definitely 3D, and most definitely crystal-y!

It wasn’t long before Maya had a go… 🙂

(I would recommend using a thicker water colour card or paper – our snail was done on printer paper and did not work so well)

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