The Best Gymnastics Party Ever?

What’s this?

The beginning of a 1970s music video (aka ‘Fame’)?

Or a trip to my old school gym hall?


This is preparation for Maya’s 7th birthday party! 🙂

Here in Sweden…

For 100Kr an hour (that’s ten english pounds)…

You can rent a school sports hall…

And use their equipment…

The only rule being …

Don’t tie knots in the ropes!

(In our defense these were already there!)

Ropes, climbing bars, hoops, balls, skipping ropes, gym horses, trampolines, squashy mats and benches…

The classical english party game ‘pass the parcel’

..meant for medallions between every wrapper…

…with a medallion cake…

… eaten in the (clean!) shower ….

…or the changing rooms…

With a pinata at the end..

Could this be the best gymnastics party ever? 🙂


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