Let’s Help The Birds To Build Their Nests!

Lately we’ve been spotting a lot of new bird’s nests, watching great-tits move in to our bird box, setting up new bird boxes – and the other day we were even lucky enough to see a crow collecting twigs for his nest.

So we decided to help them build…

…with some wool…

… cut in to pieces…

… and hung on some broken tree branches which had been blown down by the wind….

…. and set out in the garden to help the birds make their nests lovely and warm…

Alfie thought this was a great idea – the cutting of the wool and the hanging of it on the branches kept him amused for over an hour – and he’s been eagerly looking out the window for the birds ever since! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Let’s Help The Birds To Build Their Nests!

  1. Alfie isn’t the only one thinking this is a good idea! We have a robin building her nest in our flowering plum as i write and i think a little yarn hung from some nearby branches would be appreciated!

    • I would be happy to! And yes, some birds have certainly taken a few pieces – but I must say that with the wind we’re having today, no doubt a lot has blown away! 🙂

  2. This is just awesome!! So much child friendly fun. I LOVE it! (and really hope the little birdies take some yarn!) Thanks for linking up to It’s Playtime!

    • My pleasure – and thanks for asking me! I also think your ‘playtime’ blog is great – I’ll definitely be checking it out lots!

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