From The (Little) Land Of Red, White & Blue!

Home from England, where we spent a very busy, but very fun time with family, friends and lots of sun!

We travelled on a big red double decker bus…

We visited a toy shop with 5 floors…

(did you know they stayed open in the 2nd world war despite being bombed five times?!)

We travelled on the ‘tube’ (London underground)…

We saw Big Ben…

(did you know it’s the bell called ‘Big Ben’, not the clock?)

And the London Eye…

Learnt about the gory history behind the Tower of London…

(did you know they used to keep crocodiles and a polar bear in the moat?)

Crossed Tower Bridge…

(did you know a double decker bus had to jump over the gap when it opened once?)

Observed the sentry guards…

Stood still like the guards of Buckingham Palace…

(did you know their hats are made from bear skin?)

And saw ALOT of union jacks…

Did I mention feeding the pigeons?

The Princess Diana Memorial play park?

Playing in St James’ Park?

Or the street entertainers in Trafalgar Square?

Ah yes, London has much to offer! 🙂


2 thoughts on “From The (Little) Land Of Red, White & Blue!

  1. I love seeing the world through your eyes. You make even places I have had the opportunity to see many, many times new and fresh and fun.

    Didn’t know Big Ben is a bell!

    Thank you for sharing your adventure. Bet you wish you could have stayed for the wedding!

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