We Still Love Eggs Even Though Easter Is Over!

We’ve been doing a lot of learning about something special over here…


We found a little organic hennery just ten minutes drive from our house, and took a visit…

Above we see the egg packing machine, and the many boxes of eggs all ready to drive to the supermarket –

Below we see the lady who has the job of cleaning the eggs!

And all the eggs on their way..

And here are (some) of the chickens…

Now, don’t worry, they have another MUCH bigger outside bit…

The farmer tells me the grass still needs to grow after the long winter – but of course the chickens still go out there every day!

This hennery has just three people working there, and it’s a real organic farm, driving their eggs to the local supermarket to be sold.

We bought rather a lot!

So at home we’ve been making meringues and cooking scrambled eggs, omelettes and pancakes.

We’ve also been reading lots of books about eggs.

These are two of my favourites…

‘The Emperor’s Egg’ by Martin Jenkins is a fascinating book about penguins and the way they look after their eggs and offspring – it is simply told, with a sense of humour and added extra details for older chidren, and some beautiful pictures too.

My hen is dancing‘ by Karen Wallace is also lovely – a story all about chickens, how they live, what they eat, the process of the egg, and how they bring up their offspring – plus some wonderfully detailed pictures about the different kinds of chickens there are.

Some other lovely books about eggs we’ve been reading are….

Daisy and the Egg‘  by Jane Simmons

‘The Cow that Laid an Egg’  by Andy Cutbill

‘The Ugly Duckling‘  by Ladybird books (traditional)

‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle

We also decided to make our own book about eggs and the creatures who come out of them…

We found pictures of penguins, frogs, spiders, chicks, ducklings, snakes, crocodiles and dinosaurs – and stuck them inside broken eggs.

Then it was time for a little play…

A basket of plastic eggs, and a basket of small toy animals kept him happy for HOURS!

Just hiding the animals in the eggs (just ones who start life in eggs of course!) and letting him open the eggs and see which animal was inside…

… was SUPER exciting for him!

And now he knows all about eggs! 🙂


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