Felting A Rainbow Mat Fresh From The Lamb!

We had a bit of a woolly day yesterday. We visited Överjärva Gård because it was…

… ‘lambs day’!

And Maya just LOVED them!

Amused by the shrill “b-a-a-a-a-a” of the lambs calling their mothers…

The ferocious PULLing of the feeding lambs…

And slightly scared by the sudden loud (and very deep) bleating of the mothers!

It was fun to be surrounded by so many of them..

And not long before Maya had collected whole pockets full of wool which had been caught on the trees from the coats of the sheep…

Next it was time to clean the wool..

And wash it with warm soapy water…

Roll it…

Make a design (using some added pre-dyed wool), warm water again, cover with cling film, and roll agian…

And enjoy the final product!

A rainbow mat to sit on at picnic time 🙂

And of course we HAD to read this book when we came home!


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