Marbling With Oobleck

Oobleck is truly an amazing substance – for kids of all ages.

Have you ever tried it?

You should.

Leon spent a long time trying to get the perfect substance.

Is it a liquid? Is it a solid?

Well, actually…

It’s both.

Add 1 and 1/2 cups of corn flour (potatis mjöl) to 1 cup water and you might get the right mixture.

Too much water – too liquidy.

Too much corn flour – too hard.

And don’t forget the food colouring.

Then you can try dropping one colour on top of another…

See. Marbling.

Just amazing!

And don’t forget to put it outside in the sun to see what happens.

Or even in the freezer.

Hours of fun.



6 thoughts on “Marbling With Oobleck

    • Absolutely the same! And yes – you HAVE to try – it’s wonderful! But do it outside if possible, and if not, then cover your table! And DON’t put it down the drain (it will block) – it’s compostable! 🙂 Despite all this – it’s well worth doing – SO much fun!

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