Build A 3D Maze

Those of you who know my oldest son Leon, will also know that for a few years he has had a great interest in mazes. Not just solving them, but drawing his own for others to solve – and they are really good!

Like these mazes here….

Leon and Alfie sat together drawing the other day – and unbeknown to me…

Alfie was drawing ‘mazes’….

You may not get lost it’s true – but mazes they are none the less!

And so what better way to enthuse a maze passion…

With bridges…

Tricky passages…

The use of a straw and a ping-pong ball…

And an indoor 3D maze!

Just use your straw to blow the ball through the maze!

There was even a point system introduced – when one ball meets another.

A really fun game to build and play – and still going strong!

(Alfie in the end found it easier to push the ball with the straw)


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