Your Local Pet Shop…

As an ex-preschool teacher, I am always aware of the properties of sand!

Wet sand, dry sand and really really wet sand. All move in different ways, and all have their pros and cons.

If you’re in a really good nursery (or preschool) in England, you’re sure to have both dry and wet.

However, here, at home in Sweden, our sandbox is dry or wet according to season, and it’s got bits of stones in it, and dried leaves – and, well, it’s kind of dirty….

We wanted dry, glittery sand. Clean sand. The kind that runs through your hands like water. That spins the wheel and travels effortlessly through the holes in your bucket.

So we went to the pet shop – and bought ‘terrarium sand’…

… and it spins and flows like a treat!

I think the word we’re looking for is ‘trickles’!

So, if you’re looking for fantastic sand – try your pet shop.

There you’ll also find an exciting array of things for other activities, such as blue coloured aquarium gravel for a make believe fish tank,  small stones for sensory boxes such as this fantastic dinosaur box at Counting Coconuts, or bird houses for these wonderful fairy houses at Pink and Green Mama.

Enjoy your local pet shop! 🙂


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