Children And Their Horses…

This is a post for my mum to have a chance to see her grandchildren on their horses!

A year has gone by since Leon and Maya started riding, and they’ve since learnt to not only to walk and gallop, but ride bareback, drive a cart, pull a sledge, try a small jump and ride back to front, as well as having taken part in many rides through the forest. They’ve ridden in the sun, in the rain, in the wind and in the snow.

Now a year has come to an end, and they’ll be taking a break for the summer.

So goodbye horses – for now…

Here is Leon with ‘Fandango’…

And here is Maya with ‘Kamir’..

Riding in Sweden is not easy – especially at ‘Skutan’ where there is no inside riding area.

The kids are lifting saddles, cleaning hooves and riding in minus degrees for much of the year.

It’ s very hard work and they can get very cold – and it’s really for those who are seriously passionate about riding.

 Leon has chosen not to continue next year – but Maya (who has loved horses for as long as I remember) has decided she would like to continue – so we’ll be seeing ‘Kamir’ again next year…


One thought on “Children And Their Horses…

  1. lovely pics! wish Leon would carry on a bit..Always good to know how to ride properly! Do show them all the horses – especially the one that has to walk backwards after saluting the Queen (like humans, musn’t turn your back on her) on Trooping the Colour. Really a great sight. The highlights on BB2 yesterday less long than on BB1 on Sat.

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