Boats Galore!

We spent a whole morning making boats…

Bark boats.

Walnut Boats.

Milk Carton boats.

To make a bark boat …

Take a nice sturdy flat piece of bark and sandpaper it back and front.

Make a hole for the mast with something sharp, add a little wood glue, then put in a straight thin stick for a mast.

Finally, make a sail (we found paper was better – our material one sank!) – and decorate if wished.

To make a walnut shell boat…

Take a walnut half, add the tiniest bit of plasticine (too much and it will sink), and add a flag.

To make milk carton boats…

Clean out and tape up a long milk carton, and cut along sideways. Add kitchen roll funnels and flags, decorate as wished.

And then we went to set them sail…

Some boats floated, some boats sank. 

Everyone had fun – even those who just observed!


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