Rampaging Robots!

Maya has a had a fascination with robots for a long time now, having asked for a ‘robotic horse’ for her birthday for two years running (we have yet to find one, and so far she has been happy with battery running cats and dogs that jump, somersault and bark/miaow….). Now that Alfie is slightly older, that fascination has spread….

So it was time to make….


Inspired by these ones we saw in Filth Wizardry, it was the perfect activity for a couple of three years old, and a seven and eight year old…

Alfie’s is the one on the right, made entirely by himself (except for putting the foil on the box) – once he discovered the stickers however, the robot was left to his own devices! I helped Lily with the one on the right, suggesting eyes and antennae…

Maya went to town on her robot (below)…

Whereas her friend Leon made a more conventionaly  symmetrical robot…

It wasn’t long before Maya and I started on our GIANT robot!

I helped Maya with the covering of the foil on the boxes, but she did everything else –

I just LOVE his face!

Of course it was a great time to use our play dough robots (Walmart many moons ago)…

Make some pull toy robots (a present – thanks Maxine!)…

And make a robot ‘exhibition’ in the play room…

The above collection consisted of a moving robot Leon made some years ago from this kit, a *Wall-E’ puzzle, a small collection of toy robots from films (‘Wall-E’ and ‘Star Wars’) and a traditional small metal one, and some wonderful books…

‘Wendel’s Workshop’ – The kids LOVE this one – about a mouse who tries to invent a robot who helps him to clean up.

‘Robot’ – One of Jan Pienkowski’s classic pop up books.

‘The Robot’ – A simple book from a learning to read set.

‘Robots‘ – An excellent fact book about robots.

(A fantastic fictional book for older kids which both Leon and Maya loved is the classic Iron Man by Ted Hughes, and its follow up The Iron Woman ).


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