Our Fairy Garden

Maya has always had a little fascination with fairies, and so, much inspired by the wonderful blog ‘The Magic Onions’ we’ve been building a little…


Maya decided, as it was summer, the fairies needed a beach, and somewhere to swim.

The shell floating upside-down is a boat for them, and we used an old bird house we built some years ago, for a house.

Inside the house there’s a bath made from shells, and a chair and table made from small pebbles…

This old ceramic shoe fits in nicely for the fairies to hide in (and the snails for that matter!)…

A neighbouring house is made from a milk carton, covered with lolly sticks, a tiny flower pot contains flowers and we found the tiny watering can.

Obviously whoever lives here just loves flowers…

Have you seen the washing line?

One morning we just found it there! Maya wondered if fairies used rose petals for wings?

To enable the fairies to reach the beach, a little path (made from sea glass and some ceramic mosaic stones) has been made, over which lies a rose arbor.

There’s also a swing, made from a flat stone, hanging from our ‘flower’…

Now, most of the above ideas came from ‘The Magic Onions‘, where you can also enter a fairy garden competition!

However, our last addition to the fairy garden (for now) is the making of a house of sticks and on sticks , inspiration from here, originally via the Crafty Crow...

This will enable the fairies to have safety in numbers when the current ants nest, which lies below, exceeds in numbers! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Our Fairy Garden

  1. Thanks – my daughter is crazy about fairies so I think they’ll be even more fairy gardens this summer!

  2. Hello!

    This is Donni from The Magic Onions. My children and I loved your fairy garden from last year! I wanted to invite you to participate in our 2012 Fairy Garden Contest. We are accepting entries through August 1st. Click on the image for more info. We look forward to seeing your ~beautiful~ fairy garden! 🙂


    Blessings and Magic,

    Donni Webber

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