Beautiful Bugs – And Chocolate Ones Too!

Inspired by the following book ‘Matts and Mia find mini beasts’ , we decided to go on…

a mini beast hunt…

Armed with magnifying glasses and homemade clipboards…

And Leon armed with a camera – we found a mass of different creatures!

Maya captured them all…






Daddy long legs

Stink bugs




And beautiful bugs…

We saw them all!

But we couldn’t end a mini beast hunt without making chocolate bugs at the end….

They’re easy to make – and all you need is chocolate!

3 oz white chocolate

3 oz dark chocolate

Melt white chocolate, add 1 tablespoon golden syrup and mix to a paste.

Wrap in cling film and put in fridge for an hour.

Repeat with the dark chocolate.

After an hour, take out and leave for 5 mins to ‘warm’ a little.

Then start to mould!

Cut each chocolate piece in to six pieces, setting one of each color aside.

Take each piece and mould in to an oval shape, making a cut 1/3 across for a head, and the other way on one side for wings.

When all pieces are done, use the remaining chocolate in the contrasting colour to make eyes, spots and stripes.

Then eat! 🙂


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