Wild Things! (Fun With ‘Where The Wild Things Are’)

We’ve had a week of rain and sickness (that’ll be Maya), and barely been able to leave the house (at least myself and Maya). Those last few days of sickness, with Maya feeling better, but not quite, and Alfie bouncing off the walls, it calls for mummy to provide activities!

And that I did!

The classic book ‘Where the wild things are’ helped to inspire us…

We’ve been making puppets and putting on puppet shows…

We’ve been drawing wild things, and articulating their limbs…

Making wild things masks…

And out of play dough…


Even dressed up as wild things, built a wild things den, and had a wild rumpus! 🙂




3 thoughts on “Wild Things! (Fun With ‘Where The Wild Things Are’)

  1. This was Diane’s favorite book while growing up but she never had a mother as clever as you are to come up with all these playful ideas for making the story come alive. I read it to her about 3000 times, but never thought to make a wild den! THAT would have been a hoot!

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