Madness And Mayhem… (And Apples)!

Time has flown. We’ve been busy.

Grandparents have been visiting, and we’ve been on many forest walks, and celebrating someone’s 70th birthday (Happy Birthday Mormor!).

The autumn school term has truly started, the kids have all begun new activities, and our house has regularly become a haven for the local kids. Most days we have six, many days we have eight! 🙂

And of course, the garden harvesting has begun (Thanks Patu!)…

….with apples….

This week Alfie has enjoyed reading ‘Ten Red Apples’ by Pat Hutchins – and we’ve enjoyed baking – and eating


Admittedly, I made most of it – because as soon as Alfie saw the camera this happened…

Alfie has become a dab hand at taking photos with my camera.

He tends to take it over every time he sees it.

Actually, he’s pretty good…

Even Teddy joined in – flour feels nice!

Sometimes the participants get under the table however – as does the photographer…

Despite this, the apple bread is amazing – you can find the recipe here!

We’ve also been making and selling ‘apples’

And buying – and eating them…

 …and been ramsacked, on more than one occasion…!

Through all the madness and mayhem, I shall try to post more often! 🙂


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