‘Pretty Good Potions’ – Professor Snape Style!

Right now our oldest is in to ‘Harry Potter’.

He is presently reading book three in Swedish – and I am reading book two to him , in English.

He insists he doesn’t get confused! 🙂

And he insists that I took on the role of Professor Snape – in ‘ potions class’….

We picked chives, rosemary, parsley and mint from the garden…

…. and some dried herbs, some dried chili, some chopped orange peel, some pepper and some garlic from inside.

(Of course we had olive oil, and vinegar. And jars with lids.)

We made garlic oil…

(Keep in fridge for 2 days)

We made herb vinegar…

(Leave in a dark cupboard for 10 days)

And then it was time for Leon’s homemade version!


And the verdict?

“Every time you need one of these dressings, ask me to do it “

I think Professor Snape may be on to something! 🙂


One thought on “‘Pretty Good Potions’ – Professor Snape Style!

  1. What a delightful post! You go Leon!

    And now i will never be able to make a herb dressing again without thinking of Prof. Snape! And that isn’t bad – he is after all my most favorite actor.

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