Conker Webs And Conker Creatures!

We’ve got a LOT of conkers round here! πŸ™‚

And we’ve been making conker creatures …

(just use a skewer to make holes in the conker, stick in tooth picks, and add eyes with glue)

And conker webs….

Your web looks wonderful hanging in a window!

Since taking this photo we’ve even got an orange and black one -great for Halloween! πŸ™‚

Added 23rd October : Take a conker (the seed from a horse chestnut tree), and use a sharp thin tool such as a strong needle to make eight holes in the conker (see first pic above for where) which will then have toothpicks stuck in. Take a piece of wool – around ten centimetres is a good length – and tie to a one of the toothpicks, nearest the conker. Weave this wool around each toothpick in turn (see second pic above) until you come to the end of the piece of wool, which you then knot on to the nearest toothpick. Continue this with other pieces of wool, the colour of your choice, until there is no more space left on the toothpicks. If liked, trim off the sharp end of the toothpick with scissors. Hang up with another piece of wool threaded through the top of a segment of the web – as above!


3 thoughts on “Conker Webs And Conker Creatures!

  1. O dear – I have to ask – what are conkers? They look to be a cross between acorns and chestnuts. I am surprised to hear they are soft. But I totally love how these turned out! So you must share so maybe i can make one too – if conkers grow around here!

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