November Days

November has been speeding by.

Mormor (English grandmother) has come to stay.

Papa has gone off to work in Hong Kong for two weeks.

Some kids have been ill, some have not.

The weather has turned colder, but it has not yet snowed.

Here are some of the things we’ve been up to…..


We’ve been playing with polar bears….

Reading about polar bears through this book,

And learning why polar bears have white fur….

We’ve had fun reading about Mr Happy, Mr Strong, Mr Grumpyย and Mr Rush,

learning about their shapes, and making pop-up shape monsters, and Mr Happy from clay….

And discovering our drawing skills with the use of dobbers and a thin black pen…

Some of us have been creating 3D cars from card…

Making advent calendars – lots of them…

Painting flowerpots for our newly planted hyacinths…

And, thanks to uncle Andy and aunty Gail, massively enjoying the rainbow fairy books

Others of us have rediscovered lego in a big way.

After visiting this wonderful place just outside of Stockholm,

he has been exploring the realms of lego character wars…

Creating wonderful things (such as this bird)…

Writing our names in lego….

Discovering that through the use of lego you can make excellent spinning tops….

And use a timer to predict and see which one will spin for the longest…

And after discovering about the new lego architecture modelsย 

(are you listening Father Christmas?)

realizing that bricks are not just for babies….


Happy 1st Birthday!

It’s been a tough couple of weeks of coughs and colds, but we all managed to get better in time for….

Ted’s first birthday!

Ted was the perfect birthday boy.

He let his brothers and sisters open his presents….

He played with his new presents on ‘cue’….

He sat happily finishing his lunch of macaroni cheese while those around him had more interesting plates in front of them……

And he really enjoyed his first taste of butter icing….!

Happy Birthday Ted!

Swinging In The Autumn Leaves!

It’s Ted’s first autumn –

and the autumn leaves have been stunning this year!

What a better time then, to enjoy an autumn walk, and introduce our baby brother to the concept of swinging…

First it’s Leon’s turn….

Followed by Maya….

And finally Alfie….

Of course, it’s always just a* little* bit more fun to swing on your own…. ๐Ÿ™‚

Fun, Easy, Last Minute Stuff To Do At Halloween…

Just got to SNEEEEAAAK in these last minute easy Halloween ideas we had fun with last week….


Alfie is crazy about using scissors right now – these Halloween papers from Activity Village were great to print, cut and stick…

Sifting spiders in dyed orange rice as part of a sensory box (idea from here)…

A fun way to get Leon to eat his vitamin C… (!)

A basket of orange bits and bobs for Teddy to dig in to…

And, a special request from Maya, painting pumpkins…

No more Halloween posts – I promise….


Halloween In Stockholm Lasts All Week!

I know, I know, Halloween is officially over – but here in Sweden it lasts all week!

It’s a relatively new holiday here, and the Swedes seem to stretch Halloween activites over the first week of November – it combines nicely with half term week,

and next weekend Stockholm has it’s first ever Halloween parade!ย 

However, we went trick or treating on the official date, the 31st October – and very happy the kids were too!

From left to right : the skeleton, the grim reaper, a Harry Potter character, a witch, and at the front, a vampire princess…

Tangled Webs & Pom Pom Spiders

I decided to surprise the kids with a spiders’s web on the back door…

“But where are the spiders?” ย you may ask…

Here they are.

(Small adhesive pom pom spiders from a scrapbook resource.)

But the kids, being kids, and having the fantastic imagination that they have,

went one step further…..

Not just spider’s webs upon their bedroom doors – but webs with their names in!

And do I see a smiley face on Alfie’s door?

And with webs come spiders….

MANY spiders…

The kids figured out that by using felted pom poms, the pipe cleaners could just be stuck in to make legs and eyes.

I just had to include this photo – you can just FEEL the strength Maya puts in to cutting a pipe cleaner….!ย 

And it didn’t take me long to find that the mummy spider had crept outside the door….