Tangled Webs & Pom Pom Spiders

I decided to surprise the kids with a spiders’s web on the back door…

“But where are the spiders?”  you may ask…

Here they are.

(Small adhesive pom pom spiders from a scrapbook resource.)

But the kids, being kids, and having the fantastic imagination that they have,

went one step further…..

Not just spider’s webs upon their bedroom doors – but webs with their names in!

And do I see a smiley face on Alfie’s door?

And with webs come spiders….

MANY spiders…

The kids figured out that by using felted pom poms, the pipe cleaners could just be stuck in to make legs and eyes.

I just had to include this photo – you can just FEEL the strength Maya puts in to cutting a pipe cleaner….! 

And it didn’t take me long to find that the mummy spider had crept outside the door….



2 thoughts on “Tangled Webs & Pom Pom Spiders

  1. I know it’s totally daft, but for some reason Mommy spider, cute as she is, really gave me the creeps 🙂 *shivers* Loving your big spidery family, though!

  2. 🙂 Not daft at all! I think it’s the red eyes that do it?!! (This was a Halloween buy in the US – we didn’t make her…!)

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