Halloween In Stockholm Lasts All Week!

I know, I know, Halloween is officially over – but here in Sweden it lasts all week!

It’s a relatively new holiday here, and the Swedes seem to stretch Halloween activites over the first week of November – it combines nicely with half term week,

and next weekend Stockholm has it’s first ever Halloween parade

However, we went trick or treating on the official date, the 31st October – and very happy the kids were too!

From left to right : the skeleton, the grim reaper, a Harry Potter character, a witch, and at the front, a vampire princess…


4 thoughts on “Halloween In Stockholm Lasts All Week!

    • Hi Phyllis – I’m not sure if you are writing from Stockholm or not? If you are interested in attending activities your best bet is to check out http://www.barnistan.se – there seems to be lots of wonderful goings on in the hostlov section! Unfortunately all our kids have come down with terrible coughs and colds, so we’re just hoping we’ll all be better to attend the Halloween parade on Saturday! If you’re writing from afar, I shall try to include a post of the parade – hoping we can go!

  1. Adorable! Somehow it is just not the same being in costume as an adult as it was as a child. Oh to be ten again!

    Halloween is all put away for me! Yesterday, Nov. 1, I placed my beautiful Dala fabric on my Dining Room table! It looks very festive here!

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