November Days

November has been speeding by.

Mormor (English grandmother) has come to stay.

Papa has gone off to work in Hong Kong for two weeks.

Some kids have been ill, some have not.

The weather has turned colder, but it has not yet snowed.

Here are some of the things we’ve been up to…..


We’ve been playing with polar bears….

Reading about polar bears through this book,

And learning why polar bears have white fur….

We’ve had fun reading about Mr Happy, Mr Strong, Mr Grumpy and Mr Rush,

learning about their shapes, and making pop-up shape monsters, and Mr Happy from clay….

And discovering our drawing skills with the use of dobbers and a thin black pen…

Some of us have been creating 3D cars from card…

Making advent calendars – lots of them…

Painting flowerpots for our newly planted hyacinths…

And, thanks to uncle Andy and aunty Gail, massively enjoying the rainbow fairy books

Others of us have rediscovered lego in a big way.

After visiting this wonderful place just outside of Stockholm,

he has been exploring the realms of lego character wars…

Creating wonderful things (such as this bird)…

Writing our names in lego….

Discovering that through the use of lego you can make excellent spinning tops….

And use a timer to predict and see which one will spin for the longest…

And after discovering about the new lego architecture models 

(are you listening Father Christmas?)

realizing that bricks are not just for babies….



One thought on “November Days

  1. Legos are amazing – and have come so far from those we played with when i was young. My daughter and her sweetie – both in their forties – are huge fans and have been assembling a Christmas village for several years now. It is becoming quite cute.

    The birds and tops – totally cool. Leon is very good with his hands and mind.

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