Alfie’s Bug Party!

Last weekend we celebrated another birthday.

Alfie turned four!


Can you believe it? 🙂

There he is – in the middle – officially my second lego obsessed boy…

Alfie decided he wanted a party full of snakes, spiders and frogs.

This was a party full of preparation!

Making creatures to hang from the ceiling….

And I love this picture below because it shows everyone hard at work cutting out snakes – grandmother included….!

The preparation of marzipan snakes, spiders and bugs for the top of the cake…

And sometimes the eating of them too…..

The preparation of the party bags…

(bugs galore with bug shaped sweets, stickers and little plastic creatures)

And the preparation of the table decor with the colors of green and yellow….

(my mum’s fantastic idea to have plastic ants making a trail across the table)

Plus worm shaped balloons joining the spiders, snakes and butterfies which hung from the ceiling….

Plus the food preperation!

Nectar pool jellies in leaf shaped bowls, with sweet frogs and snakes swimming around…

Frog bowls filled with melon, strawberries and green grapes…

Green and yellow cupcakes decorated as butterflies, spiders, frogs and flowers…

The games were kept simple to avoid the competitiveness with such young children.

Alfie invited four children his age, the rest were older brothers and sisters.

‘Pass the parcel’ contained a plastic snake between each wrapper, and the final gift contained  a rubber spider for each child…

At the end of the party the children had to find three paper snakes which Leon had hidden around the house 

– then they received their party bag.

Unfortunately we didn’t manage to get a good picture of the cake (the camera ran out of batteries) – 

this is the best we could get…!

Covered with green butter icing and green marzipan shaped leaves, plus the marzipan creatures the kids made, and surrounded by chocolate fingers.

The top of the cake gave a palm tree effect – but it’s a little lost in this photo! 🙂

And not to forget – the jungle juice – green tinted pear juice with green sliced apples floating in the top – served in a big glass bowl..

Here is Maya, appropriately dressed as a frog, serving herself…

Happy 4th Birthday Alfie! 🙂



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