Lucia Celebrations for Children In Sweden

I love ‘Lucia’.

And the reason I love the celebration of Lucia is mainly for the children’s Santa Lucia song.

 Roughly translated… “Outside it’s cold and dark, all the houses glow, they’re lighting all the candles, now someone’s coming, I know who it is, Santa Lucia…”

The song starts off very very quietly, and slowly gets louder, repeated over and over.

During this time, children (mostly) dressed in white with ‘candles’ in their hair form the Lucia ‘train’, walking in to the area slowly and elegantly.

It’s a very magical experience.

This year Maya took part in her school one.

It took place outside, the ‘train’ leading up to their outdoor stage where they sang more Lucia/Christmas orientated songs.

Unfortunately my photos are not great (was trying to keep an eye on Alfie and Ted at the same time!), but I hope you get a general impression…

Here comes the ‘train’…

(Look at the darkness and bear in mind this was at 2pm!)

As you can see, there are plenty of ‘tomtenissar’ (Yule Elves) dressed in red – of which Maya was one.

Next year I’ll maybe see her dressed as Lucia? 🙂

Inside, we celebrate with candles representing the light.

Almost every house sets up one of these triangular advent candles in the window…

Let’s have a closer look at Maya’s little homemade Lucia…

And hugely important, is the eating (and in many cases baking) of ‘Saffrons bullar’ (Saffron buns) or ‘Lussekattar’.

Right now, it’s black as night when the kids go off to school, and black as night when they return.

Soon we will have barely 4 hours of daylight.

The lighting of candles is a very important part of this season – and a great comfort during these long dark days…

And do you know what ? I just love it!



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