Gingerbread Is A Tradition In Sweden

Gingerbread is a big thing in Sweden.

The Swedes call it ‘pepparkakor’, and it has been used in Sweden since the 13th century!

Lately Alfie has been enjoying this fantastic book – ‘Christmas in Noisy Village’ by Astrid Lindgren…

A story about a group of children enjoying an old fashioned Swedish Christmas – which of course includes making gingerbread!

An activity no Christmas loving Swede can do without…

In Sweden however, not only is the gingerbread man (‘gubbe’) popular, but also gingerbread stars, hearts and….pigs…

But pig or not, these ‘pepparkakor’ were very tasty….

In fact, gingerbread is so popular in Sweden that they sometimes even hang the cookies from their Christmas trees as decorations, the children dress up as gingerbread men and sing a song about ‘gingerbread men in a gingerbread land’  (in Swedish only here I’m afraid) – and don’t forget to check out the annual gingerbread exhibition!

Here are photos of when we went last year….and the year before….!


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