So Very Busy This Yuletide!

Time is speeding by!

Is it really only a few days until Christmas?

We have been so busy, busy, busy this Yuletide…!



Painted, cut out Christmas trees with sequins for this years cards.

Alfie enjoys making a Christmas sequin picture for his best friend Lilly.

Play dough Christmas trees decorated with glittery pipe cleaners, beads and sequins.

Red, green and white coloured paper chains for a welcome in our hallway.

A wonderful snowman, built from the little snow that fell.


Tiny little Christmas trees for the children’s rooms.

A great big painted Father Christmas for the back of the front door.

The annual gingerbread house.


Mummy’s birthday – pipe cleaner glasses optional.

Tickets to see – ( do I believe it?) – Paul McCartney.

A belated (let’s say six months) birthday party for Leon, at the play place of his choice.


An excellent performance by Maya and her gymnastics club.

A wonderful piano concert by Leon and Anna’s other music students.


Alfie discovers that plastic bag clips are easy to clip on to Ted’s clothing – and he doesn’t mind.

Leon decides to start teaching Maya how to play the piano.

Alfie decides to play glockenspiel along to Christmas music.

Lego is still the favorite toy in my house.

Ted discovers the world of books.

The first snowballs of the year.

We hope you’re enjoying a busy Yuletide too?!


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