Swedish Wool Pixies

Apparently, according to my husband, these are a very Swedish Christmas tree decoration.

So I’m going to attempt to show you how to make them…!

You need :

2 colors of wool

8 x 8cm piece of card

wooden beads of around 2cm in diameter

red felt



Ok. Ready?

Step 1: Wind the first piece of wool around the card 22 times (this will be the body).

Cut wool, tie the two end pieces together, and carefully take off card. Leave exactly as it came off the card so there is a circular gap.

Step 2 : Repeat this again with the other colour of wool, just winding around the card 14 times. This will be the arms.

Step 3 : Using a separate piece of wool,tie the arms at both ends to make hands (see below).

Step 4 : Put the arm wool through the gap in the body wool (see below).

Step 5 : Tie a separate piece of wool around the ‘waist’ like a belt, to keep the wool in one place (see below).

Step 6 : If you want to make a boy, separate the wool under the belt in to two bits, and tie with seperate pieces of wool at each end to make legs. If you want to make a girl, simply trim the wool at the bottom to make a skirt frill (see below).

Step 7 : Take a piece of wool (around 15 cm) and thread in under the top of the body wool, just by the shoulders. Tie at the top where the head would be.

Step 8 : Thread the ends of the above wool through the wooden bead for the head. Knot at top (see below).

  The ends of the wool can be trimmed, or made in to the pixie’s hair, as you like.

Step 9 : Next cut a piece of felt in to a ‘pointed semi circle’ shape (see paper example below).

Step 10 : Curve felt hat around head, placing a little glue on to inside of felt and back of the wooden bead ‘head’.

Cut heart shapes, or similar, from felt, and accessorize, using glue,  if wished.

I’m going to sew a red thread on to their heads so they can be hung on the tree.

Leon and Maya both found these relatively easy to make – a great little Christmas present for their grandmother!


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