A Christmas Story Box

It’s nice to have a basket of books for the kids in the living room.

Something they can dip in to.

Often based on a seasonal theme.

Like Christmas.

And with some of the more popular books, it’s fun to make a story box…

And sometimes it’s fun to use our knowledge of other stories, to make up our own.

So every evening, just before story time, Alfie and I have been making up, and telling, the continuing story of….

‘Father Christmas and the Curious Elf’

Having found a Christmas tree and presents in the middle of the snowy forest, the little elf wondered where they came from?

On the long search for his friend the gingerbread lady, the curious elf finally found her, and divulged his secret to her…

Tonight is the last piece of the story…. what will happen I wonder….?



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