Happy Christmas – Or ‘God Jul’!

In Sweden the big Christmas celebrations are not on Christmas day, but on Christmas Eve – ‘Jul Afton’.

The day generally starts with the watching of ‘Kalle Anke’ – a combination of short excerpts of the classic Disney films – with a festive twist.

This is at 3pm.

(Yes, I know, in England we have the Queen’s speech at this time! :))


After which it is time for the family feast :

Course 1 : Pickled herring, boiled potatoes, boiled egg halves with caviar, salmon pate, christmas ham and christmas bread.

Course 2 : Meatballs, small chipolata sausages,  boiled potatoes, red cabbage and apple salad.

Course 3 : Creamy porridge with cinnamon – one almond is hidden in the pot – if you get the almond you shall marry within the year!

Course 4 : Glögg (a mulled wine) and christmas sweets (such as ischoklad and knäck).

This is all washed down with ‘julmust‘ – a drink I can only describe as a cross between Coca-cola and Dr Pepper! 🙂


After this the waiting begins…

The tension mounts.

For what?

For Father Christmas – or ‘Tomten’, of course!

Eventually, all dressed up. he trudges through the darkness, often through the snow.

It’s a magical experience to see this magical man in his bright red suit wandering down the lane with a sack on his back!

The kids are filled with both excitement and fear.

And then comes the knock at the door…


“Are there any nice children in this house?” he booms…

Of course there are!

(And having been up since 5am – very tired children at that!)

Happy Christmas & God Jul to all!



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