Homemade Lego Gifts

Leon is a leader.

He always has been.

Perhaps it’s because he’s a Leo and born in July?

Or perhaps it’s just the way he is?

But quietly, in a determined fashion, he is most definitely a leader.

He is filled to the brim with new and creative ideas….

and he often inspires the children around him to do the same…


Often my kids make homemade gifts.

This year Leon decided to construct many of his gifts from lego…

Arn’t they just brilliant?!

From left to right – a star, a Christmas tree, a present and a candy cane.

I love them. And they’re perfect for the mantel piece.

I won’t include everything – but I must include what he made for Alfie…

Now this folks, is the Star Wars ‘Death Star’!

Totally inappropriate for a four year old – but brilliantly made! 🙂

Let’s try to show you this one again….

No. That didn’t work.

Mummy wasn’t allowed to get near it – in case I broke it…..!

However, can you see that construction?!!!


So, as I say, Leon is a leader.

Which means to say, other children in the family have also picked up on the lego gift making…

Such as this ingeniously made lego car by Maya, for Alfie…

Even Alfie got involved with the lego gifts, spending some hours wrapping and labelling the gifts all by himself….

 Bless him!

It’s the giving that’s important – right?



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