Teddy Type Things!

He’s amazing, he’s growing – and now, he’s walking…

It’s Ted!

And one year olds are busy too!

Here are some of the things he’s been up to…

He loves to sit on a blanket while you pull him around – keeping this sense of balance is so exciting…!

One of his favorite activities is putting small items in to holes.

Whether it be ping pong balls in to empty biscuits containers…

Or clothes pegs in to holes in empty tin containers…

Simple sorting boxes are fun!

He loves to play with different kinds of dry pasta and different containers…

And to mix cotton wool balls, pieces of tin foil, material pieces and dried pasta in bowls made of wood, plastic and metal – and spoons made of the same.

This was a big hit -all those different sounds and textures …!

Pulling masking tape rolls off a (clean!) toilet roll holder is fun too…

(though we haven’t quite figured out how to put them on yet.. :))

He just LOVES to look through our basket of books…

And if all else fails – just pop him in to a laundry tub with some balls…!



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