Hamster Hideouts : (Marvelous Maya & Awesome Alfie)

These little guys have been given a lot of attention lately….

Maya asked Father Christmas for one of these hamsters this year.

He kindly brought one.

Saved up pocket money, and Christmas money form Granddad  promptly meant three more entered the house.

But they so needed somewhere to live…

Alfie was so proud of the hamster house that he made.

Particularly of the green door…

And just LOOK at all that writing….!

Maya decided that her hamsters really needed a mode of transport…

Originally her plan was to have a mode of transport that a hamster could pull, but realising the meccano underneath was too heavy, this plan was shortly abandoned!


There are so many outstanding  blogs around, showing amazing things that kids can make and do.

But all too often I feel that they are so perfect, so adult led, so product orientated.

I wonder to myself, “what about the stuff the kids REALLY make?”.

Why don’t we blog about their own ideas so often?

The stuff that’s NOT perfect, the half made stuff, the stuff that REALLY comes from THEIR imagination?


And because this is an area that I find particularly interesting – where their ideas come from, how they get to their creations, what goes right and what goes wrong, and what we end up with – I shall be gradually adding four more categories, each named after the individual child, celebrating their creativity.

After all, as a child learns, it’s the process, not the product, that counts!



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