Alfie’s Winter Wonderland!

Inspired by this winter sensory box, we wanted to make something similar.

Our small oval laundry tub just didn’t grab me – we also wanted a place where the animals could hide, jump and slide.

Perhaps a cave, an underground lake, a hide out?

This is when a box ceases to be just a box!

I’m not sure what kind of appliance this box originally held.

It’s the kind of box that you just don’t throw away .

It’s been used for many a role play scenario – and it certainly did the trick for this one!

Alfie decided that the newspaper on which it lay should also be part of the play scene…

“It’s snowing here” he said…

And this was a good thing too!

Otherwise, where would the glittering blue foil underground lake lay?

As you can see, snow lay all around.

Rice snow, cotton ball snow, packing peanut snow, painted snow.

It was cold in this winter wonderland.

The polar bears, the penguins and the reindeer didn’t mind though.

Gosh, even the frogs and the cockatoo came to visit..!

And there were plenty of snowmen…!



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