The Plundering Of The Swedish Christmas Tree

‘Julgransplundring’ is a swedish tradition of coming together to ‘throw out’ all the Christmas decorations.

Twenty days after Christmas, held on the 13th of January, traditionally this also entails dancing around the tree, and games for the children.

Well, we didn’t dance, but we did ‘plunder’!

I made simple cardboard tube crackers for the children, and hid a little chocolate christmas ornament in each one.

Wrapped in tissue paper, and stuck with a Christmas sticker…

…I hid them in the tree…

Can you see them?


Look a little closer.

Can you see them now?


Surely NOW?!

Well, the kids found them hard to find too!

We challenged them to take at least ten decorations off the tree – and if they found something they hadn’t seen before….

….perhaps they could keep it!

Look, Maya’s found something….

Plundering indeed.

Maya plundered…

Alfie plundered…

(Note our hoover, ready for action!)

Leon and his friend Filip plundered too…

And if you’re wondering about Ted – no, he didn’t plunder, and no, he didn’t get any chocolate.

But he didn’t get completely left out – exploring the pile of dropped pine needles was a kind of plundering in itself…!



2 thoughts on “The Plundering Of The Swedish Christmas Tree

  1. Great story to share next year on St. Knutes Day! My tree is still up but I did celebrate Jan 13th this year by beginning to take down my decorations – starting with the advent calendars! The tree – next week! It is so painful taking down Christmas – I have to do it slowly.

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