Time For The Birds

The ground is frozen.

The birds need feeding.

And the Christmas tree is outside all alone.

A perfect mix for another  bird’s winter buffet tree!

First we took the pinecones…

Then we spread them with peanut butter…

And rolled them in seeds…

Before adding wool so we can hang them on the branches…

We also did the same thing with stale bread, using cookie cutters shapes!


We’ve played some games about birds.

Some educational…

…some less so… 


Alfie asked how to draw birds.

With the help of an oval (body), a circle (head),  a triangle (beak) and a semi-circle (wing), he learnt well..


And with inspiration from Lilla A, some black paper and colored tissue paper, we brightened up the kitchen…

Happy bird feeding!



One thought on “Time For The Birds

  1. You have inspired me! I have never made peanut butter/ seed snacks for birds. I think it is time! Got pine cones! Got peanut butter! Got seeds! By weeks end, I will have some hung in my trees!

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