The Wonderful (And Slightly Bizarre) World Of Mini-Skateboards

One would think that at the age of ten (and a half), role play is almost over.

Not in our house.

In fact, here, role play has taken on a whole new concept….

We’ve been through cars and trains, dinosaurs and cats, pirates and knights, super mario and star wars

(yes, the latter two have, in our house, become a source of role play…)

Now we have skateboards.

Not just any skateboard.

These are skateboards with personality!

Meet – from left to right – Sunny, Rainbow, Night and Music!

Yep, these guys have bedrooms. Places to rest.

Not just that.

They also have a place to hang out together.

Where they eat lunch.

Did you say LUNCH?

Yes, that’s right, a skateboard can eat lunch.

Sometimes a packed lunch to be exact.

Sometimes just a fruit break…

And of course these guys need a place to play.

A place to practice their tricks…

And of course, what big boys do, little boys have to do too…

Even down to their own little sleeping area…

What’s that you say?

You don’t understand this form of role-play?

Don’t worry.

You are not alone.

Ahhh, the imagination of a ten year old!



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