Letter O!

Alfie is seriously starting to learn to read and write.

He quite liked the idea of reinforcing a letter a week…

Letter O.

Letter O is for many things…

O is for many different shades of the colour orange.

And looks like O shaped cereal…

O is for an Octopus’ garden…

(Don’t forget to check out the song)

And paper bag octopuses…

O is also for oranges and homemade orange juice…

O is for oats.

Make these delicious swedish treats…

3 cups oats

100g melted butter

4 tablespoons sugar

2 tablespoons cocoa powder

1 teaspoon vanilla essence

Mix in to dough, roll in to balls on an oat covered plate.

Put in fridge to harden.


O is also for owl…

Check out these fabulous owl books….

‘Owl Moon’ by Jane Yolen

‘Owl Babies‘ by Martin Waddell

‘White Owl, Barn Owl‘ by Nicola Davies

Enjoy O!


Beautiful Colour

It started with Valentines day.

Alfie decided to collect all things RED.

A game I would have assumed would no longer be exciting to him….

…..but how wrong I was!

Here he is on the lookout for something blue…

And it wasn’t long before the whole parachute was ordered with colour!Β 

It seemed that colour was the ‘theme’ of the week….

Alfie just LOVES ‘colour by numbers’.

Find the Elmer one here.

Of course the big kids couldn’t resist this activity either…

Muffin tins filled with different colours of food colouring (mixed with water).

Take a coffee filter, fold over twice, and dip each corner in to a different colour.

Then open out and leave to dry…

So beautiful, even Leon had to have a go…..!



We’ve had lots of visitors recently.

Visitors from Norway. Visitors from England.

Our house has been filled with the noise of many children.

Our time has been filled with trips – museums, sledging hills, ski-ing trips, play places.

But we still had a little time to celebrate Valentines day…

With ice hearts…

Jelly hearts…

And an evening of heart shaped food….

Hope you had a nice Valentines too!

*Twinkle Twinkle Little Star…*

Last week we were looking at stars.

Up on the sledging hill, in the local park, late in the afternoon when the sun had just gone down, we saw our first star.

It was the North Star, the Polaris.

“Make a wish!” I shouted to the kids.

Alfie wished for “all the skateboards in the world” – he hasn’t yet got the concept of ‘wish and don’t tell’!

Then we saw a second star, and a third.

So we’ve been looking at stars.

Reading books about stars….

This one…

And this one…

Learning about stars from the internet.

Doing simple star experiments….

Like this one…

And this one...

We’ve been looking up in to the sky, and trying to find red stars, blue stars and yellow stars.

Discovering stars in the kitchen….

Like these cheese stars…

And these shining star biscuits…

Arty stars…

Like these printed stars…

And these lovely collage stars…

And we can’t go without drawing stars….

This week we’re going to go on another evening star walk.

We’ve already started using this iPad app to look at the stars above,

and thisΒ fantastic kindle book to discover the stories behind the constellations.

This week – constellation week!