Learning To Feel

Sometimes one forgets how hard it is to be three or four years old.

Sometimes we forget the words to express how we feel.

Especially when we have two languages.

Quite frankly, sometimes it’s easier to point!

(And the laminator comes in useful again!)



4 thoughts on “Learning To Feel

  1. Ah, you may find this hilarious Esther – but I tell you, many an anxious moment has been calmed by these cards! Alfie can get very cross very quickly sometimes, and partly due to two languages, finds it sometimes hard to explain how he is feeling. When he starts to get cross, I take out the cards and get him to point to how he feels. Usually it ends up in lots of laughter when he or I point ro the wrong one on purpose (!) but even so, he is laughing and then more able to express himself! :()

    • I’m not sure what made me think of it now – I think it may have come from when I worked with children who were schooled in a language unit. Many of them were autistic or had aspergers’ syndrome, and needed help with transitions – cards similar to this were used, but with activities rather than feelings. I really wanted to help Alfie understand his feelings and emotions, and to know how to tell us his needs with the appropriate words….

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